Comedy's Best Kept Secret

Jerry Johnson?  Who the heck is Jerry Johnson?  The answer is simple.  Jerry Johnson is a first-rate professional stand-up comedian and impressionist who has been entertaining audiences and gaining a strong following of comedy fans across the, correction...across the nation for over 10 years.

Originally from New Jersey, Jerry moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1981 and slowly began working his way into the valley's comedy club circuit shortly thereafter.  He began at John Heinz' original Comedy Cove in Phoenix and since then, he has gone on to become a big hit at a number of venues including the Improv, The Comedy Spot, Laffs, Rascals, Knuckleheads, and The Last Laugh, just to name a few.

A popular headliner in his own right, Jerry has worked with such nationally known comedy stars as D.L. Hughley, Joe Torry, and Chris Tucker, and recording artists such as Sister Sledge, Patti LaBelle, and Wayman Tisdale.  In addition, he has been a featured performer on B.E.T.'s Comic View.

Not only does Jerry have the knack for making people laugh with comedy that relates to everyday life, but he is also a gifted impressionist who is capable of sounding like Muhammad Ali, Howard Cosell, Sammy Davis, Jr., Mike Tyson and many more at the drop of a dollar...sorry...that's drop of a hat!

Now you know who Jerry Johnson is.  He's a very talented, very funny man.  And the next time you're looking for great comedy entertainment, you know who to call... No, not Ghostbusters!...  Jerry Johnson!